Stop motion import and editing

I’m tring to make a stop motion animation with my son. I’ve tried to different ways with shotcut :

Import first image - check image sequence. : Nothing happened, only first image is played.
Import all images : 760 pictures takes forever ! so I aborted.

In windows Live Movie maker it worked quite well, but I wanted to install last version but that corrupted movie maker, and there seems to be no way to reinstall windows live movie maker. So I’m back to shotcut.

The image files are jpeg and surely too large : 4912x3264 pixels. I just didn’t think about setting the camera to a lower resolution before giving it to my son.

We need to edit the sequence as follows : duration per image : 0.1 sec , but some images longer, insert a few new sequences and titles, add sounds.

Could anybody indicate me the way to acheeve this ? My son has spend hours and hours making the photos and he’s gonna kill me when he finds out I killed movie maker !

Thanks in advance for your help,

Images should have “consecutives numbers”.
Do what you do, then Enter (+ refresh. f5? not sure of the shortcut…))
then after that, you should add it to the time line and see if it’s OK.

PS : The time I did that (a few months ago) I first had reduced images sizes with my Raw treatment software…

What did you ever figure out. I’m teaching high school students to do stop motion and want to make this as quick and easy as possible.

Have you seen this video?

Also some good comments here:

I personally recommend exporting the image sequence as a lossless/intermediate format and then re-opening that to edit. Editing on the image sequence directly is generally very slow due to slow image load time.