Image sequences import

I need to convert of image sequence to video clip with audio. But when I try to open an image file that is opened only one. If I select the entire sequence, each file is downloaded as a separate file in the playlist.
I need import the image sequence as clip feature!

This is already very easy. Open the first image. Go to Properties. Click the checkbox for image sequence.

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Ohhh! Thanks! But it’s strange location for this feature… Intuitively expect to see this in the file open menu. I think, it would be nice to display a pop-up menu asking you to mark this checkbox

I do not think it is a strange location at all. We cannot customize the file dialog without giving up the friendly OS-provided dialog and using something custom and unfamiliar. I need to be able to repeatedly drop files from a file manager to quickly preview and locate the one I want, and a popup dialog every time I do that is an unfriendly impediment.

One more question. How can i set the frame rate for sequence? I found only duration of clip, but i don’t know this. I need to set up frame rate of 16 fps.
And one complain. Playback to slow in this mode… 1 frame per 2 seconds (core i5 3.8 GHz). To bad performance…

Again, see the properties for the Repeat field. That is combined with your Video Mode in the Settings menu. There is no fancier frame-dropping and -duplicating option for this.
Regarding the speed, yes, PNG is slow; other formats not at much. We use common libraries for this - not our code and not volunteering to improve the libraries. It is what it is. You can convert your sequence to a lossless video file.

This would be my advice:

  1. Create a project with a custom profile at the native frame rate of the image sequence (16 in your case).
  2. Import the sequence and export as a lossless format (I like dnxhd, personally, but I don’t know if that supports 16fps).
  3. Create a new project at your target frame rate and import the file that you exported.
    This will give you the best experience for editing the image sequence.

If the thought of re-encoding your image sequence gives you heartburn, and you can tolerate the performance lag, you can skip step 2 above and you can actually import the shotcut project file from step #1 directly into the shotcut project from step #3. This will also give very good results, but editing performance will suffer.

Thanks, i found the answer for this tricky quest.
I use jpeg’s, obtained from some capture device (machine vision cam). And the shotcut plays them wery slowly. Maybe need to use ffdshow for opening it faster? Maybe arrange some cache?
And one problem with video format section… I don’t know the final video resolution. I use the crop tool and i want the final resolution to be so, which is obtained by using the crop. Without any black borders. Now to get it, I must first make the crop, and then make a custom preset of video format. Again and again… Too many activities. Can you make a video format option, such as “arbitrary”, where you turn on, will be the final resolution, which is present in the picture? Without any black borders and transformation?

No more “image sequence” chrckbox in the properties???
Sorry, if i opened the jpeg files - it is present. But if I try to open j2k or jp2 or dpx, then this property is not appears. And the picture is not dragged to the timeline
How can i import such sequences?

Obviously enough, Shotcut does not support image sequences from those image formats. If you know how to use them as image sequences with ffmpeg or ffplay, you might be able to use File > Open Other > Network and supply the file name with pattern to the URL field.

Yes, I think it was little strange location. Because I though “Properties” was software’s properties and didn’t try that.
More intuitive could be like “Import file” And there checkbox for “Image sequence”, if it’s image file.

I’ve tried to import a sequence of 40 jpg images. I import the first into shotcut, check image sequence in the image sequence box and only 10 images are imported.
Image 1 is named 0001.jpg and image 40 is named 0040.jpg with all frames numbered accordingly

What am I doing wrong please? Is my image size too big? The images are 1919 px x 1439 px at 72dpi

Thanks for this feature!