Still having trouble on exporting video still blurry

I am trying to make simple videos in HD using Shotcut, but the exported quality is always blurrier than the original footage. I am using these export settings:

I have used H264 High, the quality of the video is 85% with a resolution of 1920 x1080 and aspect ratio of 16:9, and frame/sec is 29.97
Saturation- 100%

Hope anyone can help me on this.

With my last video we noticed the blurriness was because the video frame rate in Shotcut was not set to match the video resolution of our original footage. We thought we fixed it, but today I am exporting a new video and the blurriness is back even though the video frame rates are the same.

What can be causing this loss of quality? Looking forward to your suggestions.

Tell us about your footage (input video): size, quality, frame rate, codec and device taken from.
Try to match the settings with the ‘video mode’ in SC.
Do you upscale maybe?

Quality setting of 85% is more than enough - resulting in large file size. Try to stick with the standard of 55% - thats normally fine (you won’t see any visual difference).

Here is the screenshot:

You should set your Video Mode to your desired output resolution. Then, when you export, do NOT click on the Advanced tab and do not change any export settings. Just choose an export preset. Shotcut will automatically map the Video Mode resolution to the export resolution.

okay thanks I will

thanks a lot, Brian, it works.

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