Stereo Enhancer Audio Filter

This filter is used to make an interesting stereo sound from a mono source - more interesting than simply duplicating the channel, which is the default when not using this filter. Duplicating a mono channel to stereo still sounds like mono.

Stereo Enhancer was added in version 22.03.30.


The Stereo Enhancer filter is based on the FFmpeg haas filter.

The Source parameter has four choices.

  • Left: The source only has mono sound coming from the left channel.
  • Right: The source only has mono sound coming from the right channel.
  • Middle (L+R): The source already has some stereo effects that you wish to enhance or you do not know if the mono sound is on the left or the right channel.
  • Side (L-R): The source has a split audio track where separate sets of sounds are limited to each of the two channels. For example, the left audio channel has vocals only and the right audio channel has music and sound effects only.