Create stereo from mono

I recorded in mono in error and now I can hear it only on one channel. How do I make it heard in both ears?

First of all, i think you can’t get a real stereo out of mono, as you simply miss some information (which sound/instrument from what side).
You could probably easy make a fake stereo by just copying the one mono-track to the other side, for example in Audacity. Not sure if it is possible in SC.

There is an audio filter in the shotcut (I’m far away from the computer now, I can’t tell the exact name). This filter copies the sound of one channel to another.

Copy Channel

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You could also add the Stereo Enhancer filter to kind of simulates a stereo effect. The filter creates a slight delay between the left and right channels.



As suggested by MusicalBox in his second post, the best filter for this very use case is the Stereo Enhancer filter. Read this page for some info on the filter:

I didn’t know Stereo Enhancer could be also used to copy one channel to the other side. I never need these filters, but I should have experimented more before posting.
Thanks for the info @DRM :+1:

Right. You don’t need to combine the Stereo Enhancer filter with the Copy Channel filter. The Stereo Enhancer filter does the copying of a channel all on its own and more.

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you make short tutorial for this fake stereo audio?

Use the Stereo Enchancer filter as I suggested in my post. Click the link I provided to know which option to choose.

If I understood correctly the person who asked the question, he recorded the sound from the microphone in one channel (I will assume that in the left, this happens most often). As a rule, a voice-over does not require a stereo effect, it most often sounds in mono. In this case, the copy channel filter will work exactly as the author of this post wants.

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Just to be clear, stereo is achieved by having two ‘sub’ audio tracks (Left and Right) within the same main audio track. Each of these ‘sub’ audio tracks records and places sounds ‘across’ the sonic landscape.

For example, if recording someone talking, and they walk from the left side of the room to the right side of the room while they are talking, you will hear the sound of them talking move from left to right on your speakers or headphones.

If you duplicate an audio track that is Mono (i.e., does not have Left and Right ‘sub’ audio tracks, but only has one audio track), you are getting a kind of ‘double’ mono, and will not be able to hear any kind of directional movement of sound (e.g., the person moving from left to right in my previous example).

There are sound processing filters / VSTs / plugins / Effects which will fake a sound ‘landscape’ to an extent, but that is not true Stereo.

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