Static background image not showing for some video clips in video compilation


Thanks in advance.

New to Shotcut and need some assistance with a static background I am using to fill up blank/black spaces on the sides of video clips I am adding into a compilation. (Actual final video size is different to video clips being added)

Quick run down of setup,
V1 - I have a static image (as a background) to fill up the blank spaces for the black/blank spaces around video clips I added that are not the same size as the actual video I am making
V2 - About 10 video clips of various sizes - with the black/blank spaces on the sides
V2 - I have a Rich Text Filter on some videos with static text
V3 - I have some audio

*The static background image shows for some of the videos and not for others.
*From what I can gather it shows for the video clips without the Rich Text Filter and not for the video clips with the Rich Text Filter applied.

Things I tried from searching the forum
*Composite button - no longer available in the newer versions
*Blend mode - changes the shading/colouration of videos

Additional info
Shotcut version 20.10.31 (64bit - Windows 10)

Any assistance to correct this would be greatly appreciated.


Put the Text Rich on a transparent clip above the video track.

Text is on the clip on V3.


Thank you for the response,

Please advise best way to create a transparent clip?




Thanks a million, greatly appreciated.

Will give it a try and provide feedback.

Thanks a million, works beautifully!

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