Background image disappears

I have the same problem as Static background image not showing …. I could not succeed by following sauron’s solution.

  • My V1 channel has a static background image
  • The V2 channel has Rich text filter

Kuvakaappaus 2022-05-01 19-02-46

The preview looks fine, but when the video is exported, the background is replaced with white color. The export is done using default settings.

I am running Shotcut version 22.04.25 and Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS.

Probably related to this for which no root cause or solution is found

I recommend trying the Flatpak since that is a completely different than the others with a different approach to sandboxing and library bundling.

I tried also changing the background image from jpg to png, but no difference: white background.

I hesitate changing the run and packaging enviroinment to Flatpack, I am afraid there is so much to learn from English manuals.

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