Stabilize analysis very slow and CPU/GPU both underutilized

I’m using the stabilize filter and am analyzing the footage for that. It’s taking a very long time (by the time it’s finished maybe an hour for five minutes of footage) but my CPU and GPU are not being properly utilized. Shotcut is actually using only 0.1% of my CPU. So what’s the hold up?

Shotcut 17.06.01

Watch the tutorials…

Thanks but that doesn’t explain what resource the filter is using to do the calculations. What is the bottleneck if it isn’t the CPU or GPU? I think something is clearly wrong.

I’ve already selected the 30 second section that I want to stabilize so in that case it took an hour to do just 30 seconds which is even worse.

You should stabilize the video independently/before adding the other filters. You can disable them temporarily as well. Also, always put the Stabilize first in the list of filters.

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Do you think we should stabilise one by one, export & use them in a project after that?

Stabilizing the video with other filters turned off still takes 30 minutes for 30 seconds of footage and doesn’t properly use my CPU or GPU? Do you know where the bottleneck is?

Here is a post I’ve wrote to explain Stabilization, and it’s tendencies.

“Player and Playlist videos only analyze the portion selected. … Timeline clips analyze the entire source video, not just the portion that’s selected. If you only need a small clip of a long source video, it’s much quicker to analyze a portion in the Player/Playlist, then add it and further trim it down in the Timeline.”