Stabilize analysis always fails around ~90%

The error log from the job is always the same with the same Exit Code of 1073741819:

[producer avformat] audio: total_streams 1 max_stream 1 total_channels 2 max_channels 2
[producer avformat-novalidate] C:/M4H00731.MP4
checking VFR: pkt.duration 1001
[vidstab] Multithreading: use 3 threads
[vidstab] Fieldsize: 80, Maximal translation: 102 pixel
[vidstab] Number of used measurement fields: 16 out of 60
[vidstab] Fieldsize: 16, Maximal translation: 16 pixel
[vidstab] Number of used measurement fields: 202 out of 760
[vidstab] too low contrast. (no translations are detected in frame 1)
[vidstab] too low contrast. (no translations are detected in frame 2)
[vidstab] too low contrast. (no translations are detected in frame 3)
Current Frame: 254, percentage: 94
Current Frame: 256, percentage: 94
Current Frame: 257, percentage: 95
Current Frame: 259, percentage: 95
Current Frame: 261, percentage: 96
Current Frame: 263, percentage: 97
Current Frame: 265, percentage: 98
Current Frame: 267, percentage: 98
Current Frame: 269, percentage: 99
[filter vidstab] Analysis complete
[filter vidstab] Load results from C:/1.stab
[filter vidstab] Successfully loaded 270 motions
Failed with exit code -1073741819

Any ideas?

Does your user have permission to write directly to c:/ ?

Consider trying to save the file in a different location in your user’s space.

Thanks for your response. I have all admin rights. I tried in various locations (c:/users/xxxx/videos/ was the original path), but it didn’t work. The stab file seems to be written correctly; could it be that Shotcut doesn’t have the appropriate rights? I even “Ran as Administrator” and I get the same error.

I think you need to convert this clip to edit-friendly format (menu button in Properties) and try it with that file. There is something likely failing with that file. If that works, can you make M4H00731.MP4 available for us to use to debug?

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