Stabilization filter not showing results

Hi i want to stabilize video. By the tutorial I have to open clip, click Analyze. Job started. After job done text right to “Analyze button” changed again to “Click to Analyze to use this filter”. There should be text “Analyze complete”.
Then I click play, and no change in preview…
Do I something wrong?

Stabilization working in both source and timeline player for me on OSX and Windows 10, Shotcut version 16.09.

Remember you also have to save the filter data as a separate file as part of the process.

Hm, I’m linux user :frowning:
Any plan to works under linux?

Just finished testing on Linux, also works as well. Are you using an official Shotcut build downloaded from the home or Github page?

Hm, i didn’t remember download source, but i have 16.09.01 version. I can try latest from github…

I’m using latest official Shotcut build from Download section on page… Build from gihub it’s quite complicated bacause i don’t know to setup properly build enviroment.

I noticed on Linux that if you switch away from the filter tab of the current clip you’re trying to stabilize, either by selecting another clip or filter, the UI doesn’t reset and it may only show that the filter has not been analyzed even if the job has finished. This only happened to me on Linux though, not on OSX or Windows.

When you were trying this, did you click somewhere that would cause the filter UI to reset? If so, try leaving the stabilization filter UI open while the job finishes and then see if it works.

See screencast how it’s work on my PC.

Next question is about temporary file (stab file). When I analyse on Source clip (for example: cropped). Does it use same file for clip on timeline?

The screencast looks good. After a stabilize job completes, view the end of the application log (View menu) and look for lines like this:

[Debug  ] <MeltJob::start> "/home/ddennedy/Desktop/Shotcut/" ("-progress2", "-abort", "/tmp/shotcut-UZ7952.mlt") 
[Debug  ] <autosaveTask> running 
[Debug  ] <AbstractJob::onFinished> job succeeeded 
[Info   ] <MLT> [filter vidstab] Load results from /home/ddennedy/Videos/GOPRO285.stab
[Info   ] <MLT> [filter vidstab] Successfully loaded 240 motions

Do you see “job succeeded?” If so, there still might be a problem… Save the project (File > Save) and view the saved file in a text editor; it is XML. Search for “vidstab”. Keep the project simple (clip only - no playlist or timeline) to reduce confusion. Within the block of <filter> </filter> containing “vidstab” and see if there are “filename” and “results” <property>s. What are their values? Are they the same value?

My log doesn’t contains lines [filter vidstab]
[Debug ] AbstractJob::onFinished job succeeeded
[Debug ] running

Saved file contains part with vstab.

But I still not sure if stabilize filter is used during play… I tried split screen and compare with original and no deshaking is visible.

What is the frame rate of your video clips, and what do you use in Settings > Video mode ?

video frame rate is 59.9401 and I use HD 720p 59.94fps mode.

I have a GOPRO clip with that exact frame rate, and I still cannot reproduce it. So, I do not know what is wrong for you and unable to fix it.

Hello, I have the same problem as mpower with the “stabilize filter” : When I try to apply it

  • I click on Analyze
  • I’m presented with a save file dialog to save a “.stab” file
  • Once the job is complete the message by the “analyze” button reverse to “Click analyze to use this filter”
  • The video is not stabilized

The debug output is the following and I never get the last two “Info” lines saying MLT loads the stab file.

[Debug  ] <MeltJob::start> "/usr/bin/qmelt" ("-verbose", "-progress2", "-abort", "/tmp/shotcut-Y29314.mlt") 
[Debug  ] <autosaveTask> running 
[Debug  ] <AbstractJob::onFinished> job succeeeded 

I run shotcut on Gentoo compiled from the sources from GIT

Is there a way to apply the stabilize filter when exporting the entire timeline to a video. I have many clips in a timeline that need it but it’s way too tedious to do this clip by clip. It takes awhile but I can do this once the video is uploaded to youtube but would like to do this on my desktop with shotcut before

The only option would be to export your completed video without stabilization to a lossless format, then open that as a new project and stabilize the entire thing.

Hi, for what you want to do you can apply a filter to the track head:

This post might answer a couple questions.