Spot remover???

Hello everyone! after installing the latest version 22.06.23 I lost the option to use the spot remover filter…where to find or how to solve the problem?
thanks for the info

Hi @Savage_Axis
What version is that ?
22.06.23 is the latest stable version, but there is also a BETA version available : 22.09.01

I suppose you don’t find the Spot Remover filter in the filters list.
Things to try:

  1. Open the Filters panel and start typing Spot Remover in the search box. Does it show up?

  2. Try to reboot your computer. Sometimes it fixes things.

  3. Un-install and re-install Shotcut.

In English, it is Spot Remover.

In another language, the filter names are translated. Sometimes to what people don’t expect. In the next version (22.09) you will be able to use the filter search in English for that filter without changing languages.
From GitHub:

thank you, I found it under a different name :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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