Speed's Pitch Shift: Removal Option


I’d like an option on Shotcut where you are allowed to either enable or disable pitch shifting in the Properties tab. This update will allow you to speed up or slow down the video or audio without the pitch either going higher or lower.

This option will enable or disable just by the click of a check mark box. A better way to make pitch sifting more advanced is to enable pitch shifting when the check box is checked, allowing you to control the pitch shifting. Or is that not possible? I don’t know.

Anyway, If you have a tutorial on how to do that, then feel free to reply to me, except if it’s about Audacity, because I’ve already seen a lot of that. If not, then Shotcut, please make this option available in the next update. This will be a great enhancement if added.

Thank you.


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It’s not possible at the moment so Audacity or similar software is your best bet and it’s very quick & easy to do. There’s another current thread (linked) on the topic ongoing which it sounds like you may have already read. As to the viability of your suggestion as a future option I’ll leave up to the devs to answer - they’re the only ones who can tell you, unless you’re a programmer yourself and you can offer to help. For now using 3rd party audio software is your only option.

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Dude, I JUST said NOT ABOUT AUDACITY, but thanks anyway.

No need to shout old bean :wink: I wasn’t telling you to use Audacity and I acknowledged that you had probably read the linked thread. The fact remains that the facility you are asking for does not currently exist and that is mentioned in the linked thread in a post by the lead developer. Consequently there is no tutorial anyone can direct you to. If you want to achieve your desired result you have no option at this time but to use third party software.
Whether the devs think your suggestion is worthy of imminent inclusion or is viable at all is for them to decide, but for now the method you don’t want to hear about is the only way you will get the desired result.

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