Sound Suddenly Not Working

My project was working fine and suddenly the sound is gone. I’m fairly new to Shotcut and tried some of the solutions posted online but nothing works. Please help!

Check to see if the shotcut player is not muted (the button can’t be seen in your screenshot, you need to drag a bit the center area to reveal it.


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Hi, thanks so much. The sound wasn’t muted but the sound suddenly came back on but now it’s echoing. I don’t know what’s going on.

Hi again, I figured out it was echoing bc I had the same audio somehow attached to it 2x. :neutral_face: Thank you for your input!!

Glad you figured it out. :wink:

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Hi there,
I’m facing the same problem: shotcut stays mute.
Well, it was set to.
Still now with loudness at about plus five,
it still does.

I nonetheless decided to not go nuts.

Thanx 4 any help.


Hi, it happened again to me earlier today where the sound wasn’t working and came back randomly after I closed Shotcut and opened it again. It’s very strange.

I jinxed myself. The sound is gone again and all speakers are on (not muted). Please help!

You can try a command line option to change the Windows sound API that it uses:

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Thank you. I changed the audio channel settings to 6 (5:1) and then back to 2 stereo, and the sound came back on again. I think it’s a bug but hopefully it stays and I won’t have issues exporting it w/sound.

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