Sound is fine when played in windows, but sounds distorted in shotcut editing


I am a new is video editing, and with shotcut.

I am facing a strange problem and wonder if any of you can help me.

I have recorded a video that I sounds fine when played in windows 10 videos and vlc, but sounds distorted when I open it in shotcut to edit.

What am I doing wrong? Can someone help?


Hi @sjohar (Sugandha Johar)!

You are not doing anything wrong, and it’s neither something strange. The problem is that your desktop/laptop is not enough powerful to play the audio, you should try preview scaling or proxy clips to make your playback smooth.

We are going to need a lot more information from you to find out what’s going on.

  • What are your computer specifications?
  • What Operating System are you using?
  • What version number of Shotcut are you using?
  • Did you set a Video Mode? Or are you just using “Automatic”?
  • What are the properties of your source file? Click on Properties, then click your source file. Please share what that screen/panel looks like.
    Here is an example.

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