Some Imports arent working?

Some of my imports do not work for some reason. I primarily use MP4 files. up until this week mp4 files were automatically converting to MOV or MKV files. and now i have been able to use the mp4 files without converting them to anything else. I have been successfully able to edit them, but some wont import properly.

For example I can take 3 separate 1 minute long videos on my phone, all in a five minute span. and when i import them into shotcut the first two will import and i can successfully move them to my timeline and edit them but the third will import but i cannot move it to my timeline. Then the next day the video that would not import before will import successfully.

My question is why wont the videos just all upload and move to my timeline successfully?

I don’t know the source properties of your original MP4 files, but they might be at a variable frame rate.

This thread might pertain to what you’re experiencing.

I have had this pop up and I chose the large format. In some instances the convert would start but be unable to finish? not sure if that can help narrow it down or not. All the help i can get is appreciated!

Hi Garett
As I understand, you issue is mainly just about the fact that you can’t move it with your mouse to the timeline, right? I gues that’s what you mean with import…
If yes: this is a known issue. Save you project, reopen it and try again. Or use the + button instead of moving it with your mouse to the timeline.
Best regards,