Changing Frame Rate on Import

Hello there. I just installed Shotcut for the first time. When I imported my first video, the program asked me if I wanted to update my frame rate (or something) because it wasn’t good quality. I chose yes and ticked the box “Don’t Show This Again” thinking it would update it each time. I don’t think it does. I added a second video and it’s very choppy and the frame rate is variable so I’m sure thats why. But now I can’t find where to update it automatically again. Is there a way to get that pop up back?

Open clip
Go to the properties. You have a menu under the data just at the right of reinitialise.
There is an option to convert to an edit-frienly file

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I’m not aware of this in Shotcut. Perhaps I missed something in the release notes, but this has never happened to me.

Just curious what file type are you importing? (I don’t need the file name, I’m just posting an example)

And the specifications, maybe a screenshot of this though, or just type them out. Again, I don’t need the file name, just showing for reference). :slight_smile:

Here are a few screenshots. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling because it was quicker than waiting for responses! :joy:

This is often the best action and along with rebooting the PC is one of a few steps that can be taken before posting on forums and potentially wasting others’ time as they attempt to help and hunt for solutions on your behalf.

I assume (you didn’t mention) that the reinstall fixed the issue you were reporting??

It only happens if you import a video with Variable Frame Rate;


If you check the checkbox and proceed, it’ll store that preference…
Windows: Register, HKCU\Software\Meltytech\Shotcut::showConvertClipDialog [REG_SZ,false]
OSX: property list file
*nix: probably in an ini-style file


Thanks @SteeveB. I had no idea this even happened. Good to know and I bookmarked this so I can reference this again. Glad to learn this.

Thanks @Jenifer_Meyer for posting a screen shot with the properties. This will help others the same question.

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Linux settings are stored here: ~/.config/Meltytech/Shotcut.conf

Are you using a Stargate for your profile picture?:smile:

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Thanks for noting that - couldn’t quite follow where the Settings object was putting it on those systems. And yes, yes I am! :smiley:

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