[Solved] Seems like crop filter isn't working

I have a video at 1280x720 resolution (16:9) but the right side is a black strip. Actual content is 960x720 (4:3). I am creating a project with custom resolution at 960x720 and 4:3. When I open the file and add as a track, it covers the whole view and includes the black bar. Cropping and exporting doesn’t help. It even then introduces top and bottom bars. Online tutorial either do not address or help in this case.
In ffmpeg, this would have been the operation:
ffmpeg -i in.mkv -vf "crop=960:720:0:0" out.mkv

I did not try further but seems like aspect ratio of the project was for some reason not set to 4:3. And for some reason the resolution can be 960x720 (4:3) but aspect ration 16:9. I did not try any further but this seems to be the issue.

The Crop: Rectangle filter can be used to actually crop a video.
Read the Documentation page about that filter.
Especially the section about the Apply to Source button.


Thanks! My Shotcut (version 22.01.30) does not have that button yet. But the video clearly shows that it achieves this goal.

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