Slow Motion Export

To export 120 fps do I just change the speed to 24 fps in properties? This is what I have done and it seems to work, I need to know if there is another step I need to do under settings.


Can you clarify your goal?

  • What frame rate is your source clip?
  • What frame rate do you want on your export clip?
  • What perceives speed do you want (slow motion)?

If you want 120fps on the export file, then make a custom video mode with a 120fps frame rate.
If you want to make a slow motion effect, then modify the speed property in the properties panel for the clip. For example, 0.5000x would be slow motion.

Thanks Brian,
I should have made the question more clear. The goal would be to export a clip at a slower frame rate than what it was recorded at. If I shoot at 120fps with Filmic Pro
and want to export at 24 all I need to do is make the change in properties? I’m a bit confused about the video mode setting does. Thanks for your patience,


Video Mode is key to making it slow motion. Along with clip speed.

Here is an example created with Shotcut.

  • Custom Video Mode
    • 1920x1080
    • 120fps
  • Open Other - Count
  • Export: Default (Change nothing in advanced)

2 second clip at 120fps. number = frame
120fps 2sec.mlt (1.9 KB)

If you want slow motion, you need to have the Video Mode set to 24fps, along with lowering the speed of the clip.

In this example, using the previous exported video.

  • Video Mode: 1080p 24fps (Preset)
  • Properties: Speed 0.2x
  • Export: Default (Change nothing in Advanced)

24fps pt2spd.mlt (1.5 KB)

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Using the new feature “motion compensated”, you can get 100% smooth slow motion effect.
It is accessable in properties > convert > advanced > conversion mode. This new feature works amazingly, generates intelligent interpolations between the images. For example, use it with “override frame rate” to 300 (or 450) fps, for a 30 fps project. Then after conversion, set the speed in properties to 0,1 (or 0,066).
Artefacts occur mainly when the increments between images are too big. If the footage was interlaced, or 60p, the increments are usually small enough.
To avoid hours of conversion time, we need to first export the necessary section only, usually only a fraction of second. How practically doing this export? It seems complicating in a bigger project. Would it be a good idea to make an option “Export from selected timeline clip”, in export dropdown “from” ? This would be useful in many other occasions too.
Or, for the conversion, an option “convert only clip duration” wohld be nice (would require that the automatic replacement into timeline knows about it).

Steve, Thank you!!

Copy the clip; it is copied to Source. Choose Export > From = Source.

That’s really great, thank you!
Does “source” here always mean: “copy-clipboard”?

Copy (Ctrl+C) the clip to place it in Source. Set in/out points for the region that will be slowed down. Then Properties panel > hamburger menu > Extract Sub-clip. The saved file will be a lossless extraction rather than a re-encoding.

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