Slow montion

Hello friends;

I want to make a slow montage in a clip. both forward and backward.

For now I’m using the Speed:forward only filter. with keyframes…

but the clip gets shorter… Also, what does this “use pitch balancing” mean?

Can you give an example that is available?

Thanks in advance to the helpful friend.

This Enable pitch compensation checkbox is used to restore the pitch of the audio on a video clip.

In my example here, after speeding up the video to 1.5, the actors sound like chipmunks.
After checking the Enable pitch compensation box, the video and audio are still running at 1.5 times the original speed, but the voices are back to their normal pitch.

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This should not be a surprise…

If traveling from point A to point B at 50 km/h takes 1 hour,
logically, the same trip will be to 2 times shorter if you drive at 100 km/h

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Thank you very much for the answers. @MusicalBox

So in this case, we will need to split the clip so we can work with keyframes… I guess.
There’s also this visual modality thing. I wonder what this means?


Image Mode, Nearest and Blend are explained at the bottom of this page in the Documentation.

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