Slideshow Procedure

This procedure will allow you to change the Duration of photos as you are building a slideshow.

  1. Start with NO photos in the Playlist.
  2. Import a photo.
  3. Select + in the Playlist to add to Playlist - Duration is whatever Shotcut had last time.
  4. Double-click photo in Playlist so it is highlighted in the Source Player.
  5. Select Properties tab.
  6. Edit Duration and click Set Default.
  7. Select Playlist and click the checkmark (Update). Shotcut shows desired Duration.
  8. Select + in Timeline to add photo to Timeline. You should find the Playhead sitting at the end of the newly added clip displaying the Duration set in step 7.
  9. Import another photo - photo inherits previous Duration.
  10. If you want a different Duration then repeat steps 3 through 9. The Duration can be changed for each photo but the next photo will inherit the change and you may want to change it again.


  1. Easiest: simple slideshow with black background. Use cross-dissolve feature of Shotcut.

  2. Note that some Dissolves may not look right because of differing size photos. Before continuing use Ctrl-Z to undo the Dissolve and use Fade Out Video, then Fade In Video - or simply use a cut.

  3. Harder: use a pastel background to hide the black areas. Generate Color background graphic in another program or use Shotcut/Open Other/Generator/Color. Click the Color button and a Color Selector will pop up! Select your color and add it to the Playlist. Use Timeline Plus to add it to track V1. Then add your photos on track V2.

  4. In order to get transistions to work properly you will need to add the Alpha Channel:Adjust filter to each clip. Once again, not all tranistions will look right so be satisfied to remove the Dissolve. In some cases it may be necessary to place a photo on another track to have total control over the look of the dissolve.

  5. Finally, add suitable audio to track A1.


You can also skip all steps involving the Playlist (1, 3, 4, 7). The Playlist is not required to use the Timeline.

A tip: To remove padding (black edges) from individual photos.

  1. Either before adding the photo to the Playlist (while in the Source viewer); or if photo is already on Timeline, click to select it.
  2. If adjusting a clip on the Timeline, move the play-head over the photo to be adjusted.
  3. Add the Crop filter: Filters > + > Video > Crop
  4. Click the Center checkbox
  5. Adjust Center bias as needed