Slideshow panning/zooming effects

Hi, I’m planning to create a slideshow featuring jpg photos. I’d like to add gentle panning/zoom to the photos and fadein/out. I know this isn’t possible in SC until the keyframes are added in a future version and I know this is the top priority on the roadmap…

Just wondering, until this becomes possible in SC, what is the best (free) program to use for this right now - is there a dedicated app or prog that allows you to add pan/zooms to stills and render as an mp4 ar AVI- I could then import each shot into SC for further editing?


Windows Movie Maker.

You can still find it and install it in Win10.
Filecluster still lists it.

That’s a good idea.:slight_smile:

Thanks Steve. I also looked into Davinci Resolve 14 - but it won’t work with my setup - I have Intel HD graphics. It requires CUDA or OpenCL so I need to upgrade to a Nvidia graphics card to be able to use it.

Check out Lightworks.
It’s free but requires you to create an account and sign in every 2 weeks.

Thanks sauron. I’ve tried Lightworks before - it has good keyframe capabilities. However I did find it quite difficult to master some of the basics. And my pet hate about it was that you couldn’t just save a project or “save as” - it seemed to auto-save projects somewhere in the background.

Lightworks has it’s quirks as does Shotcut. I’ve found that by using both applications it’s possible to create very good videos.

LW auto saves all the time. Found that it’s export to archive works sort of like save-as.

Personally I found LW to be very clunky on my system, DaVinci Resolve runs much better and far easier to learn.
Version 14 of DVR is exceptional now it also includes Fairlight.

Although this forum is for Shotcut support I don’t think no one will be offended if I recommend Kdenlive as an option for video editing. Other video editor options were already talked and recommended here.

My main video editor is Shotcut for it’s simplicity and because I really like it but when I need to do something that is not supported like panning/zooming I use Kdenlive for that specific video clip and then use it in Shotcut video project.

This way I have the best of both worlds without compromising the final video master piece. Fast editing with Shotcut and special features with Kdenlive.

Many thanks to Steve, sauron and sismeiro for your suggestions. Your replies have given me options I hadn’t thought of. Using different progs for different aspects of video editing is a great idea. To me, Shotcut is very intuitive and powerful as well. Can’t wait for the keyframes!

For using Da Vinci resolve you must have à very powerful computer. At least an i7 with a very good graphic card and minimum 16 Go memory. It’s impossible to use with an i5 and only 6 Go memory for example.

For Mac Users: IMovies, Ken Burns filter, works quite nicely

My PC is a 10 year old running a AMD Phenom X6 with 16Gb RAM and a 2Gb R7 360 GPU.
DVR runs better (smoother) than Shotcut, which already runs quite well. Where Shotcut lags after using filters, DVR does not.
DVR has scrolling titles, panning, zooming and an excellent audio editor (to name just a few)

I agree with you, sismeiro: I was about to answer nearly the same. I also use Openshot for its ability to create 3D titles using Blender. All are now available on Windows.
Windows Movie Maker is also a good choice on Windows, because it provides very easy and various transition presets for slideshows. The only drawback is the output format, mostly targeted on Windows Media Video.

Have a look at Hitfilm Express. Looks like a nice free video editing and compositing package.

Why not use Photofilmstrip which does the job fast and easyly!

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Brilliant, thanks guys for all your helpful suggestions. I will set aside a few hours to go through the options and see which solution works best!! I had a quick go at Photofilmstrip which looked really promising and fairly easy. I do plan to use these progs just to create gently panning/zooming stills, then import them into shotcut for further editing - I’m not going to leave SC !!


Yes, Hitfim Express 2017 is very efficient and stable.Its Compositing shot with all effects and keyframes is amazing. I use it now…waiting Shotcut has keyframes perhaps a day…

I’m using version 18.01.02. I don’t see any “panning/zooming effects” in the filters. Did I miss anything or they just aren’t there yet?

How can it be that Windows Movie Maker has it but Shotcut does not?

Key framing is required first. This is on the road map.

Are you serious??