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Hi all
I’m new to shotcut. I just downloaded it two days ago.
I need help with how to use the size position and rotate filter. I can’t find any tutorials on it.
Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


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Hey Kevin,
You had asked for the tutorial for the filter ‘Size, Position and Rotate’.
Even I had been searching for the same.
And I finally came across a video:This is the one.

Actually this video is not the latest version of Shotcut.
But this is some what the same.
Hope this would be helpful.

With Regards,

And if you will to. you can definitely visit my channel and watch my videos.
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Thank you.


I did look at that, but it was no help

Hi Kevin,

Seen your other post. We all can help you figure out the filter. As far as I know there is no video/text tutorial on it yet. Tutorials are created by people like yourself to help others out. There is no paid staff creating tutorials for Shotcut.

It would be helpful to put in great deal what you want to accomplish. A great example is posting a YouTube video showing (i.e. from 4:13 to 4:29) want you want to accomplish this. Usually within hours to maybe a few days you’re going to get people posting what they think is the most helpful. The more you define your goal, the more defined people will make their recommendations to you on how to use the filter.

Useful information to help us help you would be listing things like:

  • Video Mode (size/fps)
  • Source video/image resolutions that you need to work with
  • Length/duration of movement(s)
  • Directions of movement(s)

What have you tried with the filter that didn’t work the way you expected it to work?

A crucial part to using this filter for you could be using Keyframes. Might want to learn/practice keyframing with Shotcut with just one part of the Size, Position, Rotate filter to get a better understanding of how things work, and what to expect.


I have been streaming my editing process for a while. I can give you a few tips if you want. I don’t know everything about Shotcut but I have been using it for 2 years.

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Hi Carl
At the moment I’m trying to figure out how to pan and zoom on a picture

Hi Hudson
At the moment I’m trying to figure out how to pan and zoom on a picture

Pan & Zoom with 2 images.

Video Mode: 720p 60fps
Size, Position & Rotate filter with Keyframes.
2 Video Tracks
Shotcut version 20.11.28

Source Images: (Used the 640x640 image)

MLT project file: pan and zoom.mlt (6.0 KB)

how do I do that?

You can download both images, and the MLT project file. Make sure they are all in the same folder on your computer, and open the project. Learn from the settings I have done. Start a new project and practice with the Size, Position, Rotate filter on your own, and learn/practice with Keyframes.

Here are 2 examples of how to do it from existing tutorials:


How about rotate? I have a video which shot in landscape but the camera was in portrait.

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