'Size/Pos' filter -> Spin Up/down or SlideBars


I think it would be good to have SpinButtons or SlideBars (like e.g. the ‘Rot/Scale’ filter) to adjust size / pos with the ‘Size/Pos’ filter.

TIA :slight_smile:

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Maybe this:

Adding (maybe) SHIFT to have access on the whole area to move by mouse.
(Instead of only that middle point.)

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Something like this is already available since version 20.02, but instead of Shift, you need to double-click the position handle (circle). Then you can drag from anywhere inside the rectangle. Double-click it again to disable it.

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Ah, yes, ok! :grinning:
Hadn’t know that…
'Til then… :slight_smile:

I made a modification in this direction by replacing the textboxes by spinboxes. This allows you to use the small arrows or the Up & Down keys on the keyboard to perform precise positioning.
To test it, replace the existing file in:


by the attached file (after removing the extension txt)

[Edit] Replaced by new version (see below)


I’ve made a backup from the vanilla file and replaced it then in the Shotcut folder…, and:
This works great! Thanks. Thanks a lot!

(BTW: For the portable TAR the path is:

I also had a look into that file, because if it possible for me to add also spin buttons for the size values…
Maybe to you it is not much work/time to add also spin buttons for the size values? :slight_smile:

I do not know, but maybe it is possible to have an ‘ON/OFF’ for the frame for that Pos/Size filter? :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Namna
I was looking for this feature.
Can you add this feature for Size textbox too?

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I think that if Dan created 2 textboxes, it is to have the possibility of scaling without respecting the ratio.
So I tried another principle. If you do not check the ‘Conserver les proportions’ box, it works as before; if you check the box, you can change the scale with the slider. Width and height are changed at the same time keeping the project ratio.
Attached is the file to place in the same place.

[Edit] Replaced by new version (see below)

Please be lenient, I haven’t done a lot of testing, consider making a copy of the original file.



First: Thank you for your kindless work! It is really helpful! Thank you.

Then: :slight_smile:
It works…, so far… :grinning:

There is an issue, if you click on the middle point of the frame…
The size then is “reset”? In my case, I have e.g. size of 250% and after a click on that middle point the size is 88%…

Another small issue:
If a textbox for x or y pos does not have the focus and you move the mouse over it and then scroll by mouse wheel…, it has no effect on the image/video part, but only for the value inside that textbox.

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Yes, that’s normal, I added this condition to have the focus to create a keyframe in order to avoid creating additional keyframes when playing the clip. I will see to remove this condition and remplace it by another.

I find it hard to understand what you are saying, Google translation is not very clear in my language (French)
Are you talking about the middle point in the player?
When you change the value of the width in the textbox width, you must then click on this point in the reader to update the image?
I haven’t changed anything for that.
Does this exist in the original version?


thanks a lot for your efforts!

I mean that middle point of the frame of that Pos/Size filter, where you normally can move the image/video part…

That “circle”/“point” near the ear from the filter:

Here I have increased the size from 190% to 200%:

You cannot see the mouse pointer, but after a click on that middle point from the filter, the size is 75%:

And, no, it happens not with the vanilla/original…

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I do not understand, at home it does not.
What surprises me is that the height does not change. It is still at 2160.
What is the resolution (W x H) of the project?
What is the resolution (W x H) of the photo?

Yours, and some more issues… :slight_smile:

My project has 1920*1080…
And, for reasons, Y pos stops at 1082, doesn’t matter if by mouse or with spin button.
The difference, by mouse the image gets moved.
It is also not possible to type in the textbox e.g. 1092…

And there is an issue with saved positions with keyframes…
E.g. I have a keyframe point with 250% scaling, after reselecting that part scaling is shown in the texytbox (as value) as e.g. 90%, but has, in view, still 250%.

OK, try this one.
I also change the focus.

[Edit] Replaced by new version (see below)

Yes, seems to be good! Thanks!

Are you still interested? :slight_smile:

This is after selecting that image (a PNG file), you can see 119%:

Increasing to 120%, “ok”, increasing to 121%, looks like that:

And ca. 236% was the original size:

You know what I mean?

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I do not know, the ratio is not the same.
9 and 10 are in 16/9
but not 8, why ?
The previous filter ? Mask ?

Sorry, I think I do not understand…
I’m just “playing around” to find the “key” when what happens that way…

The issue is, that the scaling isn’t recognized anymore after selecting again a part…
You have an image in the timeline with Pos/Size filter (your style) and you scale up to e.g. 200% (it also can be 152% doesn’t matter, or 77%) and you select another part in the timeline and you then select again that part with the Pos/Size filter with e.g. 200%. Then the scaling isn’t 200% anymore, maybe 72%, or 93%…

With other images, after “reselecting” the scaling isn’t anymore e.g. 236%, rather 128%…
Or another image, scaling == 150%, and after reselecting 149%.

And one more thing is, that “sometimes” the scaling changes after clicking on the middle point of that frame from the Pos/Size filter…

I need some real work with it, and time by time I can figure out what when the issue(s) is/are… :slight_smile:

In any case a big big BIG Thanks to you for your improvement!

Best regards

Thank you for your feedback.
I think the size and scale issues are related to the different options. I think that the use of the scale slider should only be done in ‘Fill’ mode.
I resumed this with a calm head and here is a new corrected version. I took the opportunity to add spinboxes for the parameters ‘width’ and ‘height’

Best regards

SizePositionUI.qml.txt (28.2 KB)

Hi, I’m glad you are still busy on it. :grinning:
I’ve installed that new version…, and currently one issue less. :grinning:
Hey<!>, you added additional spin buttons! :grinning:

But there is still an annoying little issue…

As you can see, after selecting, the size is at 155%:

But after a click on that middle point of that frame of the Pos/Size filter, the size is at once 87%, though only by value in the text box, the visible size (the frame) is still at 155%:

And that is what real 87% size is:

Else…, so far, all fine. I have now several parts in the timeline with that updated Pos/Size filter and it is comfortable to work with it…, so:
Come on, let’s finish us that thing! :grinning:

Best regards

I really don’t understand, at home, with Mac OS, when I am in ‘Conserver le ratio projet’ mode the image is always equal to the frame.
I cannot have a frame larger or smaller than the picture.
To have such a case, it is absolutely necessary to uncheck ‘Conserver le ratio projet’ :roll_eyes: