Size must be entered before Position (Bug?)

Shotcut version 21.01.29
MS 10 / Home build 18363, Dell Inspiron 15-3567 64-bit

Similar issue to “Weird Behavior with the Size, Position & Rotate Filter Coupled with Preview Scaling](Weird Behavior with the Size, Position & Rotate Filter Coupled with Preview Scaling)” post.

I find that entering values into the Size row of the Size, Position & Rotate filter, the Position row values change. For example, I want the final configuration to be Position -12, -685 and Size 7515 x 4018. I begin by entering the Position

Then as I enter the first Size element, the Position values change

Easily remedied by entering the size criteria first. But perhaps qualifies as a “bug”.

In the default mode, this is mathematically, geometrically inherent.
It is what Shotcut is being instructed to do.

To get the behavior you want:

  1. Change “Size mode” from the default “Fill” to “Fit”
  2. Change “Horizontal fit” from the default “Center” to “Left” (the origin)
  3. Change “Vertical fit” from the default “Middle” to “Top” (the origin)

Now that you have instructed Shotcut to behave as you desire, it will do as you desire.

You can set the Position, then change the Size, and the Position will be unchanged.

I believe you can set this behavior as a Preset, but I have not yet experimented with that.

@kagsundaram Makes sense. Thank you.

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I use this default behaviour when making a frame for a video.
Having the video above a track with add other / colour, I set the size of the video and copy the filter.
On the colour track (usually I use white), I paste the filter then increase the horizontal size by a few pixels, the vertical and position auto adjust themselves.
Set the background colour and you have a framed video.

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Thank you @Roger_Leitch for your thoughts.
I wasn’t, and perhaps still aren’t, sure how your reply affects my Zoom issue. Does it have to do with the black borders at the top and bottom of my screen shots?
I find that I tend to check out the presenter’s Window’s 10 tray when viewing videos that include the full screen. So, to avoid that distraction in my videos, I record at 1357p X 726p.
Your reply suggests that I may have merely substituted one distraction for another.

I was just sharing a use case for the default way this filter works.

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