Size and Position won't export

Windows 10

Shotcut 21.02.27

No matter what I do, even a new video with just one jpg that will zoom in slowly or move up slowly, when I export the video the image just sits there and has no animations.

Unable to reproduce.

Maybe this will help?

No, sorry, that is an empty project. I tested using the same video mode with a few of the presets.

Curiously, today someone else had the same problem. I tried to replicate it, but I could not; Shotcut always behaved properly for me.

I was able to reproduce the problem - but only if I turned GPU Effects on.

@Jillian_Cohen, are you using GPU Effects?

(see Keyframed image doesn't move in exported video - #9 by kagsundaram)

Everyone else, ICYMI: - GPU Effects are experimental and unsupported

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