"size and position" filter error

Hi, I apologize for the writing errors but I am Italian … when I go to crop a video activating the filter “crop rectangle” (screen 1) and then I go through the filter “size and position” I go to move it (screenshot 2) here the clipped video changes me and is not the desired portion … it makes me see another clipping video … I ask for help !!

What version of Shotcut are you using?

Using the latest version of Shotcut 19.10. What you are saying does not happen.

Added crop rectangle filter to the image then a size and position filter. The cropped image can be re-positioned using the size and position filter.


I use version 19.10.20

Weird. I have not reproduced it either, even if I also change the size in the Size and Position filter. I recommend that you try changing the order of the filters. Of course, you will need to adjust things, but maybe it easier to control or predict.

Hi, I solved it by uninstalling the program and reinstalling it from GITHUB … while it gave me problems with the other FOSSHUB site

They are the exact same builds, but I am glad reinstalling resolved it for you.

Hi, I got the problem again … I think it’s a software bug … I tried to reinstall it from the other GITHUB platform but it came up again … filter-crop and then I select filter-size and position the cropped image changes and a part disappears (see screenshot I posted) … I ask for help!

I tried to tell you I was surprised that a reinstall would make a difference. I also gave you some things to try to workaround the problem. You need to try to work around it until a developer reproduces it and fixes it. You can try the different options in Settings > Display Method to see if it makes a difference:

Also, do not try to work in HD on a system with only 4 GB RAM (mentioned on facebook) as specified in the FAQ.

Hi, I tried with the “source cropping” filter instead of “crop rectangle” and then I use the “size and position” filter and so I solved the problem waiting for a program update … I do well?

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