Size and Position doubts

I’d like to put some shake effects and use it as a transition. After my searches, i juts find the Size and Position Filter, with the scaled shake preset, but I would like to know three things:

  1. Is it possible to put this shake effect - or any other effect or filter - in sync with the music playing in the audio layer
  2. Is there a way i can put the shake effect in a circular way instead a horizontal movement?
  3. Can i add Blur to the shake effect?

Also, i’d like to know the purpose of this tool that pops up in the Size and Position Key Frame (here’s a screenshot with the specific tool marked):

Sure. Just add one of the Blur filters to the clip.

Try out the Audio Dance Visualization filter.

Here is a video demonstrating it:

One thing though: If the music you want to use is separate from the video you want to affect, then you don’t need to export the video and bring it back into Shotcut like the person in the video above did. Just add the filter to the Output track. And if you want it to only affect a section of the video then trim the filter down to the section you want.

Those are keyframes. Click up on the top of the page where it says Tutorials and scroll down to the section called Keyframes and watch the video posted there.

I’m very very greatful for your help. :wink:

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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