Simple Text Filter what is missing

Currently the biggest weak thing in Shotcut for me is very limited text adding functionality. I was wondering if it’s possible to extend this area (especially that text html filter is depreciated):

In particular me personally I’m missing the following features:

  • longer than 255 characters text
  • rounded rectangles (the best it would be to have one option for saying which corners to make rounded, top left/top right/bttm left/bttm right with the possibility to select ex. different combinations, and rounding radius in px)
  • shadowing (color/power/direction)

As lower priority to the features above I would add:

  • typewriting effect
  • option deciding when using font size and text is not matching the screen size if the text should be automatically scaled or go beyond the screen (usually in the films you want to have one size of all texts and as it’s designed now it’s easy to have different sizes just because you didn’t notice that the text was made smaller in size because of its length not matching the size of text window).

What would you add to this list? In the past I was doing some C++ programming. I’m wondering if it’s quite complicated even to modify the Shortcut files by myself. Have anyone tried to extend filters? Is there any tutorial somewhere?

Btw, do you know any good editor for making different graphs or mathematical formulas I could use later as screenshots in Shotcut films?


Dan has a “Rich Text Editor” in the pipeline for when Text:HTML is removed. See here:

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Thanks for answering. I saw this post. But for my understanding it says about some kind of html filter, but I’m rather saying about having sth which doesn’t require html knowledge but still gives higher possibilities. Moreover not sure if for example html will allow to make text area rectangle to be rounded. Generally when I look on film on youtubes many guys have really great and interestingly done texts while mine done with Text Simple are very average.

I suspect (but am by no means certain) that the Text:Rich filter Dan is talking about is based on the following feature of Qt:
Se also:

That is correct. An editing model is needed. It is not really a web engine; it just uses HTML format to save and load. It will not support rounded rectangles, but you can create that with the new Crop: Rectangle filter that is also rewritten to not use WebVfx. See here work in progress:

Also, it will not support shadows, typewriter effect, or 3D extruded text. Some things in those areas will be explored in 2021.

Thanks guys for helping. However I still can’t understand why the functionality which is used so often can’t be simply improved and made more user friendly. When I look on youtube films I can see many films witch much better text labels and I’m sure that their authors didn’t spend hours on preparing them, just used another film editing software…This Simple Text Filter is my biggest disappointment despite generally I like ShotCut.

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