Text:HTML filter deprecated => but SimpleText filter has a limitation of 255 characters

Dear developers

I am not sure whether this was already discussed. The main issue I have with the deprecation of the Text:HTML filter is that SimpleText filter has a limitation somewhere around 255 characters. I use the Text:HTML filter to work around that.

=> If you deprecate the Text:HTML filter - would it be possible to remove this limitation of the SimpleText filter?

That would greatly help me (any maybe others).

Best regards,
– Christoph


I’d like to second that request, and extend it further … Would it be possible to have a text filter that also includes the ability to apply HTML type coding - specifically font style + colour - within the filter itself? Thank you! Paul

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A Text: Rich filter is planned to replace it. It uses a small subset of HTML for saving and loading, and I hope to include the same sort of template system as we have now. However, it will not be backward compatible with the HTML5 from before.

Hi Dan - that sounds great and will allow me to convert my current files to the new filter. For that, “Text: Rich” should at least allow for ~1000 text characters (at least for my use cases). I don’t mind too much whether it provides the HTML formatting options (as I don’t use them frequently), but I know that a lot of people do.

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It can potentially support a very large amount of text, but I will need handle that with some caution because it will render an image into memory that represents all of that text. With WebVfx, the image was only as large as the video frame, and all animation took place within it using HTML5.

Sounds great!

The Text: Rich filter sounds great. I’m not that worried about the backwards combatibility issue - progress rarely comes without some kind of cost. Thanks! Paul