Simple chromatique key

Were there any procedural changes in version 23.06.14 for the “Simple Chroma Key Filter”, it does not work on my computer.
Thank you for your help.

Bonjour. Je viens de tester sur Windows 11 (1920x1080 30fps) avec 2 clips fond vert. Ca fonctionne.
Si vous avez la version exécutable (.exe), essayez de télécharger la version portable .zip. Si elle fonctionne normalement, désinstaller/réinstaller Shotcut version .exe

Hello. I just tested on Windows 11 (1920x1080 30fps) with 2 greenscreen clips. It works.
If you have the executable version (.exe), try downloading the portable version .zip. If it works normally, uninstall/reinstall Shotcut version .exe

Chroma Key: Simple works as expected for me also.

For you, is it the Color picker that doesn’t work in the filter?

There are a couple of members reporting problems with the color picker in this discussion:


No problem on W10, exe version.

Problème résolu, merci à SergeC, Musicalbox et Bal_Uso;

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