Should We Start a Lower Thirds Library?

If this becomes a thing involving money, even receiving donations, I’m loosing all interest in this project.

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This will not be for money. This will just be a free repository for members of the forum, a way to curate lower thirds that have already been provided in the forum in so many different posts. We just want to dump it all in one place so. If you want to earn money for yourself, start your own repository.

There will be no money. This was not meant to be for profit. Anyone who wants to make money can start their own repository. This is just a way to curate the already-existing lower thirds that have been donated in the forum, but all scattered in many different post, and for people who want to donate their own lower thirds projects.

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This would be just a free repository. Anyone who wants to sell their work can start their own repository, because it goes against the values and objectives of this forum, which is to help our fellow Shotcut users free of charge.

That’s what I understood when you first mentioned this project. But it kind of deviated somewhere in the discutions. I’m glad things are clear now. Thanks Ben.

That would be an excellent resource

Maybe a better idea would be to have a new category in the forum “Lower Thirds Library”. Where we could post our MLT files and links to associated free file hosting sites.


This was my assumption when you made the first post. We are on the same page.

Still, including licensing terms per asset can be a good idea to 1) establish ownership by the author so that 2) somebody else doesn’t copy it and charge for it; or worse, 3) come back on the original author claiming they are the copycat.


Sure it’s a good idea, but this is pro bono so we don’t really want to spend time patrolling this. If we can copy-paste legalese from the internet as a disclaimer, that could be the extent of it. We don’t want to add additional burden to individuals who are kind enough to donate their time. Unfortunately, the nature of an MLT is meant to be customized, so we can’t really control if people use it for malicious or dishonorable means.

That’s what I was thinking or at least if we add a hashtag to a post, it gets automatically indexed in the library

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No patrol was expected. It was more of asking contributors to include a license document with their uploaded file set. If they do, great. If not, the consequences are their own. A quick explanation in the library FAQ could help people that are unfamiliar with licensing. At a minimum, the FAQ could say “don’t post your stuff here if the goal is to get paid for it”.

That’s why I assumed CC-BY licensing. The legalese is already out there and well-accepted. Simply tagging or including it can save an author a lot of headache for less than one minute of effort.

Summary link, good enough for assets:
CC BY 4.0 Deed | Attribution 4.0 International | Creative Commons

Full legal mumbo for the courtroom:
CC BY 4.0 Legal Code | Attribution 4.0 International | Creative Commons


Sorry for the missed points That I did, I was actually saying that if someone donates to Dan Dennedy for shotcut and he decides to create a resources site so he could get the domain I mentioned and assume free resources from members and provide them for free. I am even not interested in money and just want to share all the resources that I have. I will be also not taking any kind of money or investing money.

Sorry if it hurt any of you.

Sorry for everything, but we would not be involved in any money I was just thinking if someone donated Dan (Founder of Shotcut) and he decides to create a site for resources so we could provide resources there.

I don’t know… that didn’t sound like you were talking about Dan (Founder of Shotcut).
But that’s ok, I know that often, what we really mean can be lost in translation.

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@MusicalBox Well, I am learning English still so there should be translational mistake I almost learnt 90% English and also I forgot to mention some points so you understanded wrong that I wanted to earn money ,but I am not interested in earning money.

Oh! sorry but You understood wrong actually in we and us Dan also comes He also replied to this topic.

See this, I know he posted something else but still he entered the topic.

At least the post got people thinking about copyright, which is important.

I am more than happy to provide help and resources to the members without charging. A lot of stuff I do is built on the efforts of others who have provided those without thought of recompense.


Ya, Copyright is a important issue.

I finally wrote what I meant to say.

Most of us here freely provide help without the expectation of payment. That’s truly the spirit of this forum. Copyright issues is important and we could use Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 as our policy: CC BY 4.0 Deed | Attribution 4.0 International | Creative Commons

Now, just because we are providing this freely doesn’t mean the creator should not be recognized. We can create a naming convention to the files or folders attributing to their forum alias so we know who contributed and so we can have a universal naming structure (i.e. blueline-fadein-elusien) or it they can all be in a folder called “elusien.” Then we don’t have just a massive folder of random names where you’d have to click every single one of them to figure out what they are.