Should We Start a Lower Thirds Library?

It’s OK. I pretty much got the same vibe.

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For creators that are okay with releasing their works and not requiring attribution by anybody that reuses them, there is the CC0 Public Domain license:

For anyone not familiar with Creative Commons licensing, please be aware that releasing your work with the No Derivatives version of CC will effectively prevent anyone else from using your work in a new video, because a new video would be considered a derivative of your work. So CC-ND is counter-productive to what we do here. Neither can we use anyone else’s work that was released under CC-ND in our videos. CC-ND is generally used by musicians that don’t want their songs modified under any condition, including bundling with a larger production.

Also be aware that using CC-NC (Non-Commercial) or CC-SA (Share-Alike) will pretty much guarantee your works are never included in a professional production, a feature film, or even a YouTuber’s video that hopes for monetization. These licenses block the money trail. Maybe that’s what you want. But it also limits your recognition growth by preventing you from being included in larger projects.

Short story: Make sure you have a really good reason to deviate from CC0 or CC-BY if you do so.

Another big reason the license is important is because people looking for material may be suspicious of any files that don’t include a license. For instance, if I find some great stock footage but no license terms with it, I will not use it on principle. What if I use the video and the author comes back to say it’s copyrighted and I must remove it? I have no legal recourse and I lose my video. Whenever I work with stock material, I insist on seeing licensing terms so that I know the author can’t send me a cease-and-desist letter. It protects both parties. Therefore, including licensing is a way to ensure your material isn’t passed over by legal-skeptic users.

That’s licensing in a nutshell! I have nothing more to say about it lol. Here’s the graphical recap by CC itself:


It’s also worth noting that many of us who first introduce these Lower Thirds store it in YouTube. Sometimes, when someone uses a snippet of my video or files that lasts longer than 4 seconds, I get a copyright infringement alert that someone has used my work and I could then either approve or deny. I didn’t even submit this, YouTube now does it automatically. I’m not even sure what goes into the algorithm or if it should be a concern, but I just want to point out an observation.

Yeah, when uploading a video, there is a Licensing section in the video properties that defaults to “YouTube Standard License”. The settings page provides an option to change it to Creative Commons license, which shouldn’t pop up any infringement warnings since CC considers reuse to be okay. (That’s how it should work in theory, at least. I haven’t been infringed upon to verify it.)

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I’ve actually gotten alerts on my own stuff infringing upon myself…


Did you sue yourself? And did you win?

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I can’t afford lawyers on both ends…I allowed it, even though my other me used 40% of my entire video

I also added licensing info on my website. On all the resources that I have but they are always free just requires attribution. Now my contents are totally safe​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Hey @Ar_D ,
Is there a possibility for you to share us the mlt of the above lower third.
It would really useful to others too.
Thank you.


Sorry @Speeding_Snail
When I made this Lower Third I was using my old Windows 10 in 2020 August and in 2020 December the SSD got break while opening my CPU When I unplugged the SSD I kept it on my desk and accidently my hand got touched with it and it fell down but I didn’t noticed because I was wearing headphones and then my foot accidently came on it and it broke totally. I asked some people they said this can’t be repaired But all my Important files were backed up and unfortunately I didn’t think that lower third is important so I don’t added it in my backup and just shared the final product to my phone.
So there is no mlt for this. I would try to find some other mlt of lower thirds in my computer or recreate this one.

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Ya that’s ok @Ar_D
BTW sorry to hear that. :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried:
Anyways. Try your best. If possible try making one for the other shotcut users.
It would be much much useful to all the shotcut users as well.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


I added tags to the #resources category. You can pick one when making a new post or while browsing or searching. I added one for #lower-third. Even though that might be a little redundant with #title or #animation, I think it is special enough and commonly used to perhaps get its own tag.
Soon, I will be switching this forum over to use Amazon S3 for uploads to avoid storage limits, and then I will increase the upload size limit.


Hey @Speeding_Snail,
I finally found one in my pc and uploaded it to my website.
Link of my website:-

And remember @Speeding_Snail I made it in hurry for my friend a month ago so make some keyframing modifications in it otherwise it looks a little boring. See this how it looks without modifications.

It is slow and the red box should be last but the blue box goes the last.
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Ohhhh yes. I have the mlt’s downloaded on my lap.
Thank you so much for your contribution.
Thank you once again !!!


My pleasure @Speeding_Snail, Good to hear that you are good with my resource and if you want to use my lower third without contribution you can fill out this form

And I will give you a mail that you can use it or not and if you like privacy you could also create a new email account.
And it is all free so you don’t need to pay for commercial license you could get the license for free.

I have a question, I am creating a new repository for free resources for shotcut, So what should I name it and what would be the email (A new email which is not personal and everyone has access to that).

The meaning was Lost in translation, by “sell” I meant give, and I remember that converted the discussion of the whole thread. But now as I AM much better in English, I usually write my words clearly.

Pardon (sorry?), I didn’t Specify what I meant at that time.