Shotcut won't open

Since the last version I have to reinstall every 2 days to make it work. This is the screen.

Edit: It stucks on loading plugins screen as well (on my 2nd monitor).

okay, deleting the geometry binaries from the registry database resolves the problem

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how about reinstall shotcut ?

I did that so many times, yet after a day or two I have to face this problem again and again.

Try changing your Display Method:

I do not think anything changed in version 19.12.31 that would affect this, but quite likely Windows 10 and/or your display driver did.

it’s not normal for the application to stop responding. For example, it’s never happened during my use, and I use it a lot.

Software bugs (unintentional coding errors/flaws) generally affect everyone equally. Clearly what you experience isn’t, therefore you must suspect something is amiss with your PC.
Scan your PC for Malware would be the first step.

Also, have your HDD and RAM checked. I mean, it’s not a bug with the program, it’s an issue with your PC, possibly hardware errors, malware or bad drivers.
One other thing to try is to disable GPU Processing if you previously enabled it and set Display method to OpenGL.

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