Shotcut White Screen Again (Not Fixed)

I know this issue has been around for a long time. I managed to fix it in the past, but after I finished updating my Windows 10 updates last night, this white screen bug is happening again. Now I have tried everything to solve it, but no luck.

I’ve been using Shotcut for over 3 years now. No issue at all. Just this whitescreen problem that is bugging me. If someone know how to fix it, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Read other post on this forum regarding white screen, and can’t still find an answer :frowning:

Hi guys,
Just tried this. And it Works!

Since I can access the menu (although you can’t see it because it is covered with white screen) You just need to hover your mouse over it and slowly find "SETTINGS’’, then change your “Display Method” to Software (MESA). I tried OpenGL and DirectX (ANGLE), but they don’t work. It seems that Software (MESA) works for me.

You can try on yours. Good luck! :slight_smile:

This is not always the best choice, and it varies from one system to the next, but I am glad you found a solution.

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