Shotcut vs. Movie Maker Output Demo

I am taking my second crack at Shotcut after coming from Movie Maker. I had been making a somewhat large photo/video slideshow project with around 300 items and tried Shotcut first (for the first time). I learned a lot about the interface, but it was just going to take far too long to finish it for various reasons. So I went back to Movie Maker and finished it. But I still wanted to try 3840x2160 and I also wasn’t satisfied with the sharpness of my slideshow videos in Movie Maker. My photos are 4000x3000 so a slideshow of them need not be overly softened. There are very limited export options in Movie Maker, but I did try editing its export options XML files to add my own. I could export with Movie Maker to 3840x2160 that way, but there was no improvement in sharpness even with max bitrate, so I just exported to the usual 1920x1080.

A few weeks ago, I created a quick test video in both Windows Movie Maker and Shotcut with a few of the same photos and videos, and no panning or anything. The Shotcut version was significantly sharper. I took screenshots to compare and it was quite a big difference. I think I used the Youtube export setting in Shotcut. I have to say I don’t know if this is a scientific test. I used VLC for playback.

I have these 2 videos and 6 sets of screenshots at roughly the same spot up on my OneDrive cloud storage and I wanted to post them here. The screenshots are really striking actually. Take a look if you are interested.!AjfOFcPvU7e7pSEoQ5LlYcxkAWsU

Movie Maker


Now if I can figure out what I need to do in Shotcut and get proficient at it, I will try once again to use it for my next project that has about 170 items. I want to have pan and zoom on the stills, so we’ll see how that goes.

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You may find an improvement at 3840x2160 if you set your videomode before pulling in the first still image otherwise you’re working with a 1920x1080 25fps timeline.

I’m not sure if you misunderstood, but I’m happy with the sharpness from Shotcut’s output, which is much better than that of Movie Maker in my test. I’ll edit my post slightly to make it clear. And about setting Video Mode initially before any other work to start a project… I did learn exactly that in my first thread here with replies from Dan Dennedy - I’m Getting Started, Slideshow Project

Ahh maybe I misunderstood thinking you were “happy” but still wanted more from it! I’m glad to see you got help from dan with the slideshow project.

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