Shotcut text filter bugs V18.06.02

Hi, i have a problem with the text filter.
Shotcut V18.0.2

I use 2 video track.
so like i do a few months ago, i put a text inside and don’t have any problem.
but for this past few weeks, i experiencing an error.
V2 will over write V1.

Then i will insert the text filter.

Suddenly Shotcut cannot detect V1 and only showing V2

i try to resize it, by dragging the box, but it’s not working.
can you help.


I have trouble reproducing it at this step. Is this a new project or an existing one created by previous version?

It looks like it is working in your screenshot. The text is confined within the size and position rectangle.

I believe @D_GUNN3R1 wants V1 visible, with V2, and with text in the first clip on V2.
I don’t think V2 is the same aspect ratio/resolution as v1.

I used a MP4 on V1, a logo with transparency PNG file on V2, with text on two clips.
Both work with text. Both files have the same resolution/aspect ratio.

Version 18.06.02

Ok i forget to tell you that before i insert the text, i cut V2, then i put the text filter.
it produced by the V18.16.02, but it also not working on the previous version.

The expected result is all V1, V2 and text filter shown.
now i can only see V2 and text filter.

V1 1920 - 1080
v2 1080 - 1920

Tell me if you need anything. Thanks

OK, I reproduced it. The text filter is overwriting the alpha channel on its output.
The workaround is to create a V3, put a transparent color clip on V3 (File > Open Other > Color), and add the Text filter to the transparent color clip.

How to choose the Transparent color clip?
(File > Open Other > Color) then what to choose, because i cannot see transparent options.

Set the Alpha channel to 0

ok. i try to change the alpha channel to 0 from 255, but after i click ok, i keeps returning to 255.

even if i change into 200 or any number, it would always return as 255 everytime i look back the properties. can you help.


The default is transparent! No need to click anything except Color in the left-hand sidebar and then OK.

Well that is rather intuitive Dan. Sorry but the default hash #00000000 at a glance is just like html #000000 which indicates it would be black. I always set the Alpha channel to ‘0’ to get transparent.
Maybe the default state should be made clear (excuse the pun) by indicating ‘Transparent’ instead of #00000000.

Just a friendly suggestion from a muddle headed dumb as a sack of hammers average user. :slight_smile:

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Good idea; I can do that.

hi, its not working, i keep showing black

before change to default

after change to default

Please advise. thanks

It’s only black in the preview window. Drag it to the timeline, it’s transparent.
I tested this to confirm it.
Otherwise use the ‘0’ method for the Alpha channel as I descrobed before, this also works.

If it fails for you then you are not understanding something or applying it incorrectly.

nope it is still not working. I changed the alpha channel

it only change into white

I also try to export it, but still black or white if i change the alpha channel.
i don’t change around any Shotcut setting.
using Win 10 with the latest shotcut version.

maybe if you can help to print screen it could help.
or maybe any related settings. Thank

After you set the Alpha channel are you pressing ‘OK’ ?
It will ‘appear’ white in the preview screen but dragging to the timeline will be transparent.
No special settings, it just works - even in the very latest version.

Is V1 composite ON? Your screenshot doesn’t show.

Here’s one I just did with three tracks, Bikes on V1, Raven with transparent b/g on V2 and an Alpha channel ‘0’ on track three.
Note the composite icon state on each track.

ok the V1 composition is gone. i cannot click on it.

is the sequence correct.
V1, i use for the background.
v2 the added screen.
v3 for the transparent color clip.

No idea why not. Never encountered this.


V1 is PNG file is it any effect.
i try to close and make a new one.
and this happened, i think its related to the V1 composition

The icon is changing now. and the text and all layer is showing. strange.
anyway, what is the use of the composition logo and the meaning?
do you know about it?

Thank you for the answer @Steve_Ledger , you are really helpful.

i think i try to watch for that composition logo when i edit.