Shotcut starting problems

Hi there,
I have the following problem that Shotcut crashes after a few seconds after opening.
If I completely uninstall the program and then reinstall it, I can open it and work without problems, but only when I start the app for the first time.
After that this problem exists but it takes time to reinstall the program every time.
I work on my notebook.
(HP by0334ng). There is also a crash of the HP recovery manager.

Both crash log’s are followingReportHP.txt (16.3 KB) ReportSHOTCUT.txt (16.1 KB)

You are just a squeak above the minimum required to run Shotcut, and I suspect other background programs that came bundled and whatever antivirus you’re running is eating up most of your free memory to run any other applications. Try disabling your anti-virus before using Shotcut. Also restart your computer and don’t run any other applications when using Shotcut. Exporting will take a very long time on your computer.

The hard drive is the slowest of all hard drives. SSD’s and NVME drives are way faster than a 5400 RPM HDD. (The faster HDD is a 7200 RPM)

Thanks for your comment but I don’t know where you take your informations from, because I have a NVME SSD where Shotcut is installed. In Addion the CPU is in the mutch faster than 3.5 GHz(In load its about 4.2GHz) and I also upgraded to 16GB RAM.
The most time I cut HD videos, but I also have rendert in 4K and played something.
It was my fail that I have not said this before.

The problem was a bad setting of shotcut itself it always want to run on DirectX so I set it to automatic.

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I got it from here:
You didn’t provide any other information like you have now.

I think that are the diffrences between Germany and the USA/England.

Like I have sad:

Sorry, but I do not know what is wrong for you from these crash reports (not enough information and one of them is HPCommRecovery.exe). I do not experience this problem. Usually, when Shotcut is generally unstable on Windows, I recommend people to try the different options in Settings > Display Method:

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