Shotcut Source Footage Location


I forget to move some video footage from my “unedited” location and into a “project” location before I created a new project / finished video output.

I’m assuming that if I move it now then the project file will no longer be able to find the footage? Is there a smart solution?


Just explored a little and think I may have found a solution… Found an option to convert to edit friendly intermediate format which includes the option to Save As… Will that work OK given I have already edited the same footage on the timeline? Thanks.

There might be a simpler/easier solution, but one thing you could do is to open the MLT file with a text editor and search for occurrences of <property name="resource"> until you find the files you moved, and change the filepaths manually.

That sounds like my kind of solution! Thank you!

Worked a treat! Thanks again.

Keep in mind if you move any of your source files after creating a project, the next time you open the .mlt file Shotcut will let you know it can’t find them and ask you to point to them through a browser dialogue window.

Very clever - far better than, “sorry, I’m broken, you’re up the creek” or no error at all. :slight_smile:

Specifically for me on Windows 7, it says “There are missing files in your project. Double-click each row to locate a file.” Yet somehow I had never read the second sentence of that message, and thought that it was just telling me that it’s broken. Thanks for the tip and the “duh” moment, dreamkatcha!

Dumber than dirt question, It was my understanding that Shotcut did not need to move files, nor would it change the original files. So the only reason I see to move files would be to use a ssd for faster access/rendering? Yes?

Glad I could help, John. It’s easy to miss things when you’re just trying to get the job done and move on with your day. :slight_smile:

No, Shotcut doesn’t need to create a bundle of source files and group them as a project, duplicating the files, but I think it makes sense if you do that yourself in case you need to open a project later and make some changes. If you think there might be a need to do that in the future you’d know to leave that one clearly labelled folder well alone.

If on the other hand your project links to 100 files across dozens of folders you’d have to remember not to delete any of those files or folders just in case it disrupts your completed project. You’d need a pretty good memory to keep track of all that information across multiple projects.

Hi there!
Is it possible that that dialogue field doesn’t pop up in the newest version of Shotcut (19.01.27)?
I’ve used that function intentionally up to now to have an easier time editing - but now the ShotCut message doesn’t appear and I can’t change the file-links.
Here’s the topic I’ve opened up for this problem: