Open project with files from changed directory



What I used to do previously in an older Shotcut version:

In the previous shotcut version I was able to create a project with video files that were low resolution so that I could edit them nicely without having computing power problems. When I would be finished I’d save the project, remove all files from the folder they were previously in and then put the high-quality files (that are way bigger than the ones I used in the project in the first place) in that folder. When I would then open the shotcut project it would prompt me to search fro the files, giving me the option to find a replacement for each of the files I used in the project. Like that I could select the higher-quality files for each lower-quality file and then export it in high quality without having to do editing, as all the editing would be saved from the previous lower-quality files.

What I’m expriencing now:

In the new version of Shotcut (19.01.27) that prompt to search for the files doesn’t come when I open the project. It loads the preview of the lower-quality files, but I can’t play them as they’re no longer there.

What I need an answer to:

So how can I change those “empty files” to the high-quality ones?
Best, Corinna

Shotcut Source Footage Location

My boyfriend just helped me find the answer:
As the higher quality files are exactly named as the lower-quality files and in the same folder than previously the lower quality files, Shotcut probably thought nothing was amiss. So the solution was to open the mlt-project with the text-editor and manually mis-link the files to something else. That way, when opening the project, the information window of Shotcut popped up that files were missing in which I then could replace them with the files I wanted.