Shotcut settings saved?

Where do the Shotcut Settings get saved to! Image is just an example, but I’m asking about a much broader range of settings! All sorts of Filters I use on multiple videos, as well as special effects. The images, sound bits, and short video cuts are only half my project, as once I put those down in project, I use preset settings with filters, and sort, to add finishing touches.

I recently got a new computer. Nearly finishing my next video project on new computer, first one, I realized going through the process, little bits here and there, I don’t have certain settings as I used to on my old computer.

I still have my old, a Dell Inspiron 15 with i3-7100 @2.4Ghz and no dedicated GPU! It was ok computer for years, but it’s gotten old! lol. I still have it around, still can access the settings. But looking at every single one is going to be difficult, and trying start fresh is just as complicated. SO.

NEW is a ASUS ROG Zypherus with AMD Ryzen 7, Radeon GPU, 16 GB RAM! It’s awesome, especially playing games.

I thought I covered all my bases when I installed all my new programs and games on my new, followed up with transfering all my media files to an external HD, which now I keep all of those there, including those I use for my video editing process. Should I decide it might be easier in future to continue to edit from my Old DELL, if everything I use is on an External, I just plug that in, and tell my editing software where to find what.

NOW, i discovered one more thing I needed… SETTINGS!! As seen in image below, again, just an example, tip of the iceberg, how many settings and information was stored on my old Shotcut program.

So mainly, i’m trying to ask, all those settings must of been saved to a file of some sort! Where do I find that file, and how do I transfer/copy it over from my old, to my new!?


As I mentioned, this just a tip of iceberg shot of setting. It’s a Music file selected, with the filters menu open. A drop list usually has 5-8 presettings listed for different sound bites I use, for different purposes.
I also use visual filters with all sorts presets. And text scripts on Text Filters, and visual effects of faded images, lighting, etc… I couldn’t possibly list here all the potential filters I use, and further, how many pres set settings were stored for those… again, this image just a tip of the iceberg! Where do I find those stored?

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All of the filter presets are located in the following folders. Read the FAQ link first to get the location for your operating system.

Here is the FAQ link to save people a click:

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