Shotcut running like butt even with a great PC

So basically I’m just in a track with a 45 minute long video with just a few cuts as it is a literal headache to keep going. There is 1 single track, 1 single filter (compressor) and I have downscaled the resolution, turned off all the settings people reccomend and closed EVERYTHING in the back ground so only Shotcut is open. My CPU is somehow maxing out despite multiple benchmarks showing it is running perfectly normal and the only problems I have are in Shotcut.

My PC specs are the following:

32gb RAM
Ryzen 5700x
ASUS ROG Strix X570-I
CPU is water cooled using a Be quiet! Pure loop 2 fx
PC was cleaned yesterday inside and out, cleaned out my software and everything too, both my disks have ample space, 1 being a 500gb Samsung Evo 970 and my HDD being a 4tb Firecuda

I render my stuff in the end in 4k but that shouldn’t effect the editing process as I understand it and have heard from multiple sources that my rig should easily be able to handle it even if it wasn’t downscaled.

Shotcut worked perfectly fine mere weeks ago on 4 different tracks with many filters working and now all of a sudden it has decided 1 track is too much and freezes, stutters and slowmo’s through the entire track even just by pressing play on a 1 track project.

Does anyone somehow have any advice. I’ve tried reinstalling Shotcut and thus is running on the most recent version.

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Preview is indeed very laggy lately. I already scaled down to 540p but it’s still laggy when using more than one video track. Just a i5 here, but still…

What are the project Video Mode properties set to? You can find out by clicking on Output, then Properties.

Click on the clip in the timeline, then Properties. What are the clip properties?

Having a mismatch of FPS (Frames per second) can cause major issues.

Is your media on the Samsung Evo 970 NVME drive or the HDD?

  • Samsung NVME read/write speeds: Sequential read and write performance levels of up to 3,500MB s and 3,300MB s
  • 4tb Firecuda HDD: Obtain maximum sustained transfers at 255MB/s

I would use proxy settings. My computer is faster than that and I still use proxy settings. Your GPU by the way provides very little to no help. It’s all about your CPU.

Both match and the media is running on the Samsung Evo 970

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