Shotcut mangles source file name when saving project

What is your operating system? Ubuntu Linux

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit? 21.01.29 / 64b

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Entirely repeatable ad nauseam until I figured out a work-around.

I have a project called “m2” (so the project file is m2/m2.mlt) and this includes a source file called “m2-reversed.mp4”.

Now whenever I save the project, quit shotcut and start it again to do more editing, I would get the missing file popup, where it complains it can’t find the file /path/to/m2/-reversed.mp4. Needless to say I hadn’t moved the file, it’s just shotcut looking for the wrong file name.

So I double-click, select the correct file, everything works fine, until I finish editing and the next time I start shotcut, it I get the same popup again. The simple solution was to rename the file to “reversed.mp4” and now the problem has gone away.

It does suggest though that shotcut has a problem when saving the project file with source file names that start with the same characters as the project name (i.e. it tuned “m2-reversed” into “m2/-reversed” because the project name is “m2”).

I have tried to replicate this using both Shotcut 21.02.15beta and 21.01.29 on Ubuntu Linux (Kubuntu flavor) 18.04

I cannot replicate it.

May I recommend SimpleScreenRecorder as a means of documenting this behavior of Shotcut,

OK, the constant repeatability turned out to be a pilot error (I hadn’t noticed shotcut automatically changes the project name to “m2 - Repaired.mlt” so I kept opening the faulty version.) But the problem is real. In the attached screen capture I open m2test.mlt, add mt-reversed.mp4 and save it as m2test2.mlt. Then I open mt2test2.mlt and the problem occurs:

Here are the ‘before and after’ mlt files:
m2test.mlt (123.4 KB)
m2test2.mlt (124.3 KB)

@Sander, thank you for the screen capture video.
I’ll need to watch it several more times before I can make sense of it; it moves quite fast.

@brian, could you take a look at this, please? It seems odd.

I reproduced this. It requires

  • proxy turned on
  • the file being added starts with the same path as the project folder path:
    • /path/to/m2
    • /path/to/m2e-reversed.mp4
  • save project to /path/to/m2

This is fixed for the next version after the 21.02.

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