Shotcut lastest version will not work for me

I have used shotcut for about 2 years, over the course of 3 computers(2 macs and 1 pc and lately, in the last 6 months or so, it has been quite buggy. I have tried downgrading and also reinstalling but it just isnt being stable. If I try to move a file from the play window, it closes. If I cut a file and hit the delete to delete the cut part, it closes, if I try to drag to the timeline, it closes, if I try to work with a keyframe, it closes. Is there another update coming soon that addresses any of these things?

On Windows or Linux, try the different options in Settings > Display Method.

If you have enabled the hidden GPU Effects, turn it off as you were already warned it is unstable.
If you have turned off Settings > Realtime, turn it back on.

There were some bugs introduced with the new Settings > Preview Scaling enabled in version 20.02 that are fixed for the next version 20.04 due in a couple of weeks. Likewise, each version in the past 6 months fixes bugs, some of which may be a crash. Otherwise, there is no update coming that will fix every possible crash. There is no easy button for that.

Sorry I wasnt very clear, my current is a macbook pro laptop. I will look for this setting to see if I missed something, but I guess in the meantime, attempt to see if there is a work around. Thank you for letting me know!

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