Shotcut lagging or Not responding without high CPU or RAM usage

I’ve used Shotcut before but since coming back after a while it starts lagging randomly, even tho the is still plenty of CPU usage free, and my Ram isn’t even close to being used up and i’ve got 32gb of ram. And still I get HUGE lag spikes, 5+ seconds or messages about of it not responding.

Proxy is being used and all that jazz.

Am I missing something?
The video isn’t even over 1 min long.

Are you using Preview Scaling too?


Okay… so out of nowhere it just started to work normally again, I haven’t really done anything, but it’s fixed now.

Probably something was happening with your system. For example, one time I experienced something like this Windows was updating itself. Others have reported the problem went away after rebooting. It is also possible that Shotcut is rebuilding its waveform in the background for your media file if it is no longer in its cache, and if you had opened an old project with no waveforms or thumbnails in the cache, this background work will be quite heavy for a while. And if that project is on a USB drive or some other slow storage or problematic network storage it will be even worse.

Glad it started working for you. It sounds like there was probably a background task bogging things down.

I was also going to suggest that you try changing the Display Method. But maybe leave it alone if it is working for you now.

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