Shotcut keeps crashing!?!

Shotcut has never acted like this before. I have been using this program for 2 years without any major issues. I’m trying to make a csgo montage and for some reason whenever I try to sync up the music with the clips the program freezes and then crashes shortly after.


You are going to have to provide information if you want help.

I split a track and moved it to another video channel, then it just glitches and shotcut crashes, it just happend to me


Not sure what you mean by another video channel, but if you meant another video track, then I can’t duplicate the issue.
Shotcut Version 20.04.12
shotcut_2020-04-14_22-30-15 shotcut_2020-04-14_22-36-22


i just signedup to say this,

its so anoying, if i am splitting a clip or slowing it down it just crashes,… so gutted i changed the display method aswell…


ive provided on my thread log for the same issue

This has happened to me many times, try using the latest version, or changing to windows 10, or checking if the bits match, by bits I mean 32 bits or 64 bits

i have nothing works, also submitted my log almost 2 weeks back the way the guy said in this thread to do, but no replies… wish someone would atleast reply

edit - even though i wrote the issue is the same as woryriwind and vilhelm and additionally the thread i was told to create with logs, I got a reply and was told i haven’t specified the issue! i uploaded a new log but was given some sarky reply “do you want to send me your computer” “scratch that” & “i cant fix it for you” and the thread was unlisted.

what incredible support! thanks for the rewarding experience, all the best :v:

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I am having issue in windows 10 also

Shotcut does not work on every computer. Information was provided in the FAQ and Display Method docs about compatibility.

It generally works stable for the developers. If there is a specific thing that causes a crash, it needs to be be specified. Otherwise, general instability implies a compatibility problem with regards to technology used. In that case, you can try to debug the general issue and submit a fix or simply use something else that works for you.
From now on, if you submit a crash report without specific information and steps, I will simply hide it. I am closing this now. Start a new thread with specific details and steps if you have them.