Shotcut keeps crashing when trying to open a file

Was working on something and Shotcut suddenly crashed. When I try to open that file, it just crashes while making these files. (screenshot)
I can open any other video I edited without Shotcut crashing. I made a duplicate .mlt file, and it still crashes. I can open any other video I edited without it crashing. 30 minutes ago, there were no issues. I don’t know what I did wrong? I feel like I’ve added too many tracks, can’t check though.

please help, I’ve worked on this for 9 hours straight :slight_smile:

mamacita - kopie.mlt (193.4 KB)

Have you tried with the newest version? At the time of this post, it’s 21.05.18.
Shotcut - Download

My Shotcut is failing with your project when trying to make a thumbnail for the first (and only) Playlist item. I will look into that further because even if I do not have the media, it should not crash.

Try: Start Shotcut, go to Playlist > menu > Thumbnails and choose Hidden before opening the project. If that does not fix it, start Shotcut, Timeline > menu > Options and turn off thumbnails and waveforms.

And if you suspect you are running low on memory, which is a good chance given the number of tracks:

“start Shotcut, Timeline > menu > Options” didn’t help, but " Playlist > menu > Thumbnails and choose Hidden" did! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

This bug is fixed for the next version 21.06

Fiz tudo que foi mencionado acima, o programa trava quando vou arrastar da lista de produção para a Linha do tempo, obs. tenho memória pakas…se puder me ajudar agradeço.

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