ShotCut freeze and crash my PC!

Hi,when I editing the aspect ratio 4:3 and save video, your program bitch ShotCut must freeze and crashing my PC! Last version is 19.04! What happened?

Could you add further informations about your PC?
You can follow this post to do this: Requesting Support

By the way, did you use a translator? If not, please mind your tone; “bitch” is very rude.

Windows 10
Intel Core I7-7500U CPU 2.70-2.90 Ghz

Use something else if Shotcut does not work good for you. The problem you experience is not typical, and I cannot fix it with this information.

Ok, I’ll explain how it went: as usual I opened the program, I dragged a video taken from YT, then I changed the resolution already set for the 4:3 aspect ratio mode and then in Size and Position settings I set the 3840x2160 resolution in “Stretched” mode and then just done everything except the movie and the process begins, but then afterwards it freezes and in this case the computer also freezes . This is why I said that ShotCut is a program bitch because once again, I thought I had found an alternative to professional and paid video editors, but once again I unfortunately found a niche program. And anyway the version is 19.04.

I could not reproduce the problem from your description. An application is not supposed to be able to crash the operating system, but maybe your system became too low on memory and appeared to freeze because it was swapping memory to the hard drive. 8 GB RAM is not really considered sufficient for editing 4K UHD (3840x2160) on nearly any video editor. See our system requirements in the FAQ mentions this. With this physical memory requirement, the majority of it should NOT be already used by other running programs.
I do not really care that you are disappointed that 2 people working in their spare time for 7 years has not reached the same level as tools developed by many-person teams working full time for decades.

I am sorry that you experience problems but it is a program in development and issues can occur. Paid software has a team which works full-time on it and has more options to prevent bugs than a free software. Free software is generally developed in the developer’s free-time and therefore cannot undergo that much testing.
Shotcut is not a software with a big following like most free video editors and hence pretty much all are “niche”. If you do not want to use a niche program, I think you have to pay.
Perhaps you should instead try Resolve which is a video editor used in professional settings.

But your tone is inappropriate and you will not receive much sympathy if you start a topic like this.

Edit: Seems you pretty much wrote the same paragraph, @shotcut:

“But your tone is inappropriate and you will not receive much sympathy if you start a topic like this.”

What sermons you are doing, I said mine, unfortunately. I’m sorry to offend you for the words that I wrote. And anyway the computer is new, and it’s not 10 years ago!

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