Shotcut filter applied but missing / applying filters to the "project" level of the MLT file and will not let you modify or remove the filter / Where is my filter?

What is your operating system?

Window 10 Pro x64 version 2004 build 19041.388 Feature Experience Pack 120.2202.130.0
Asus ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming, i7-9700k, 32GB ram, Asus DirectCU II R290

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Shotcut version 20.09.2 x64

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
(Please be specific and use the names as seen in Shotcut, preferably English. Include a screenshot or screen recording if you can. Also, you can attach logs from either View > Application Log or right-click a job and choose View Log.)

This is a repeatable issue with Shotcut “losing” or “hiding” an added filter. The filter is applied, but you can not find, alter, display properties, or remove the filter and can only remove the filter by manually editing the .MLT file.

Create a new project.
Add nothing to your playlist.
Add two random videos to your timeline.
Select the first video.
Add a filter, say zoom 200%. Any filter will do. Just something noticable.
Copy the filter using the copy button in the filter windows.
Now right click the selected / working video and click "Remove:. The filter box should now say “nothing selected”.
With out selecting anything else, go back to the open filter box and click the paste filter button. The filter will not show in the filter box.
Shotcut will apply the filter at the “Project” level. The filter is not available at the “track” or “video” level and will apply the filter to the entire project.
Clicking “undo” has no effect on removing the filter.
If you save the project, the only way to remove the filter is to manually edit the .MLT file.

This was fixed in newer versions of Shotcut. The filter was pasted to the Output track (located above the V1 track heads) and can be removed from there rather than editing the MLT directly.


@Austin Thanks!

The first time this happened about a month ago I searched and could not find an answer. I just did it again to a project I was working on and figured I would report it. I will install the newer version. Thanks Again!

This was fixed in version 20.10.31.

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