If you paste a filter after removing the file you chose for said filter, it will affect all files

I have been working on a small project of mine that has taken a total of 10+ hours to make, and I accidentally pasted the “Size, Position & Rotate” filter after the file I intentionally wanted to use it on was removed; it then affected all files. I thought that this might be a bug since I could not find the option to revert this occurrence and once I saved, exited Shotcut, and returned to it, I found that all files were affected and I could not be able to find a resolution. If anyone knows how to fix this issue it would be much appreciated!

With as much detail as possible, here is an example of what I have explained:

This is because it pasted the filter on your Output. This is not immediately obvious until you select it or press F5. Shotcut allowed you paste when “Nothing selected,” which is a small bug that you fix by locating those filters on Output and removing them

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Thank you so fk much. You saved my life. Yeah, you guys should fix that. I thought I would had to reedit everything again.

This is fixed for the next version 20.10

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