Shotcut - Distorted image, too zoomed, black screen -- HELP!

Hi there,

I am new with shotcut. I am working on editing a video, all of the sudden all the clips of the video clips changed its position and most of them are showing blank. No text is showing.

Some of them are way too zoomed in but no filter is used. See below:

Some of them just black.

Most of clips I used typical filter like size, position, mask and blur, fade in and out filter. I did not video effect.

Can someone please help me to understand why this is happening and how to fix. I would greatly appreciate it

There are 2 related topics in FAQ

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You have a filter on output.

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Thank you. I deleted all the filter on the output. The position of the video came to normal. But I noticed that the text did not show up on the place I have added. I have go to each individual text and reposition it?

Alas yes, if the text was in the filter on the output, you have to put it back on the different clips.

Thank you again. Is there way to prevent not to add filter on the output by mistake?

The next release asks for confirmation when you apply a filter to the output.

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